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Welcome to Shoreshim!

Shoreshim is dedicated to the preservation and propagation of information relating to the Jewish communities of Poland... be it genealogical and historical data of the past, or be it events of today or projects for the future. Shoreshim is run by individuals who are devoted researchers in genealogy and Polish Jewish history.

Considerable time and money has been expended in obtaining the information on Shoreshim. Despite this, most of the basic database information is available to the viewer absolutely FREE. Additional database information, such as birth dates, death dates, birth towns etc., are available to Shoreshim members for a nominal fee.

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New! Major publication!
A Guide to Jewish Genealogy - Krakow
 Geoffrey M. Weisgard. Click here.

"Without your site, I would never have been able to locate photos of my grandmother's family.  Thank you so very much."   B.B.

"Shoreshim has given me the most incredible leads into my family's genealogy. Keep up the excellent work."  S.G.

"Thanks for a wonderful site with a most impressive database."  S.P.


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